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03/23/04: Link buttons...

See? Now when I can update in real-time, I'm update-crazy. There, you have it: I'm not lazy! I just tend to think "I'll do it later, nothing will happen if I do it now anyway!"

Anyway, I spent today looking for tutorials for cool Photoshop effects, and then played around with it (I'm too used to ImageReady; the controls all seem upside-down) and ended up making new link buttons, so all affiliates and linkers should check them out. Only 88*31 ones, sorry. Oh, and even though it tells you to direct link them - please don't until my site gets moved back to the server. Thanks! :)

By the way, sorry for the downtime, it turned out that when dad was working he shut down the World Wide Web server on his computer and forgot to turn it on again. The guy promised that he would get it sorted Monday, but now it's Tuesday and nothing has happened. -_-

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