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03/18/16: Ding Dong, the Glitch is Dead

I've finally managed to (I think) squash that one Favorite Pokémon Picker bug once and for all; looks like it was happening if you picked while the picker was transitioning between batches of Pokémon, which in practice would probably mostly have happened when people accidentally double-clicked the pick button. Because of a quirk of how the picker is implemented, this counted as picking the Pokémon you'd selected earlier while eliminating the next batch that the picker was about to display. That would have been annoying for anyone, but especially so if this happened on the final pick of a favorite, since then it'd happen just after the Pokémon was added to Found Favorites, thus ensuring those Pokémon would never get de-eliminated and causing the "glitch" I've been battling with.

This, by the way, means that some of those people who complained about never seeing their favorite Pokémon may have been right after all, if they misclicked and eliminated the batch it was in before it got displayed! I was pretty dismissive of those complaints as I was fixated on the theory behind the picker's algorithm and never considered the possibility that people could in fact have been eliminating Pokémon they hadn't actually, visually seen thanks to a UI flaw. I'm sorry for that dismissiveness, I was totally in the wrong, and this was silly UI design that I should have done better from the start. Thanks to everyone who did send those complaints, everyone who reported the glitch, and especially the couple of people who went to the trouble of giving me dumps of their picker state.

I've now fixed it to disable picking entirely while the picker transitions between batches. You may notice things going a little slower now if you do something like just picking madly at random, but since that's not really the point of the picker, I didn't think that was really a use case worth considering. All in all, the fix should generally safeguard against accidental picking and make sure that nothing ever gets accidentally eliminated before you properly see it.

Happy picking!

(For those who didn't see it, I am still in the process of porting the site to Python, so updates are likely to be sparse for a bit, but yeah, this was worth fixing.)

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Third Solstice
Commenting on: 03-18-16

Would love to see a Type option, just to pick our faves for a specific type.

Also feel like the shiny checkbox should be lower down with the other picker buttons as a toggle since it's function is pretty distinct from the other checkboxes (in that it doesn't reset the picker).

[26/03/2016 17:44:29]

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