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The Day of Linoone in the Reign of Victini, Season of Fire: Zodiac

The fifth-generation Zodiac is now up in its full glory, images and all. I like it much better than the fourth-generation one, personally, since the system is a great deal less awkward and I got rid of the festivals so that every Pokémon (or, well, every Pokémon that has ever been a final evolution) has exactly one day again. Whoo. Well, except legendaries with statistically different forms get one day per form.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 03-18-11

Yes, they're still accessible. If you generate the fifth-generation image for your birthday, you can get the fourth-generation equivalent by replacing zodiacimg.aspx in the URL with imagetest.aspx; if the day has multiple Pokémon, you can also add &pokemon=1, &pokemon=2, etc. to the URL to get the alternatives.

[25/03/2011 13:32:31]

Commenting on: 03-18-11

Are the pictures for the fourth-generation zodiac still accessible, or not?

[25/03/2011 13:26:48]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 03-18-11

It's not exactly that I go through grouping permutations; it's more that I arrange the reigns and then go through the Pokémon one by one, placing them in whichever reign seems to fit best. If that reign is already full, I'll consider which of the Pokémon already there could most viably be moved and do so, possibly sparking a chain reaction of moving Pokémon from one reign to another. Then when I've gone through the whole list I go over it again, making last-minute switches to get the most solid whole picture I can.

[22/03/2011 17:26:08]

Commenting on: 03-18-11

How many Pokémon grouping permutations do you have to come up with before you get to one that fits the zodiac model?

[22/03/2011 14:19:49]

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