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03/18/04: Victory!

NOTE: This isn't an actual update on the site. Read the update below to get what I'm talking about.

Kristin deleted my first message on the forums, but then I posted another one where I didn't actually say what was going on, just asked her to e-mail me if she wanted to keep this private between me and her. Amy, who appears to be her friend, asked what was going on, as she had apparently not seen the other message before it was deleted. I answered, and when I checked now (after getting to be a part of the audience in Who wants to be a Millionaire), that had not been deleted, but Amy hadn't replied either, so I don't know if she has read it. However, what I was hoping for came true: The editor did accept my message I sent to the PokAuthors section, and also added in another message that this was a very serious accusation and that she should e-mail with an answer as to whether this was true or not. Just hope that Kristin doesn't deny that, I want this to end here, not to get into something complicated. Actually, I take the fact that she left both other messages on the forums alone as a clue that she might regret what she did, so let's just hope it ends there.

Oh darn... I guess I forgot to mention it to her that the parts she did write weren't all that bad for a ten-year-old... I hope I didn't discourage her from continuing to write.

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