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03/17/18: The glitch is dead... again

It seems that when I rewrote the Favorite Pokémon Picker a while back, I actually managed to resurrect that one pesky bug I was battling with for ages a couple of years ago (literally two years minus a day ago, actually) - the window of time where it could be triggered was much smaller, so I only just a couple of days ago got an error report about it again, but it was there. Like before, if you double-clicked the Pick button, it could cause the Pokémon you selected to be picked over both this batch and the next, and if you did it on the last pick of a round, it'd mean the Pokémon from the second batch would continue to be regarded as eliminated by that Pokémon even after it was added to Found Favorites, meaning they'd never get shuffled back into play.

Since the new picker is more robust and performs rigorous error-checking on the state when loading it, simply refreshing the page would fix it, so it's unlikely you've been affected and if you were it'll be fixed next time you use the picker, but nonetheless, apologies for letting this slip by twice. It's now been fixed, really.

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