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03/17/08: Restyled Hellfire

So I was playing around with Photoshop and figured out how to make some decent-looking flames, so I decided I might as well try to do something with good old Hellfire style, whose unprofessional and tacky look had been bothering me for a while. So yeah, there is a new Hellfire style up. It's very unlike the old one (liquid instead of fixed-width, uses drop-downs for the menu, has completely different-looking flames, has a normal-looking affiliate bar on the right and a random fixed Houndour background image in the bottom right) but it does keep up the hellfire theme and personally I think it is better in just about every conceivable way. Now, having been a webmaster for as long as I have, I'm well aware that there are going to be people who loved the old one and absolutely hate the new one, so the old Hellfire style still works just fine as a separate style and if you like you can switch your style cookie to it.

This made me add a section, "Deprecated Styles", to the style switcher page, basically to keep styles like Oldie style and the old Hellfire style apart from the current styles.

I might also create a three-column version of the new Hellfire style (or possibly two-column with the affiliates at the bottom) for those who dislike drop-down navigation.

I also added a question to the FAQ, the last one under "The Cave of Dragonflies", and updated the Theory of Incense Breeding. There is probably another theory coming soon, by the way. And well, actually, I'm thinking about taking Dannichu's breeding theory, Apocalypse Raichu's genetics theory and Polursine's evolution theory down for a number of reasons:

  • I stopped accepting fan content a while ago. It seems weird to have a few random pages of submitted content still there. This is a pretty minor reason, though.
  • It seems like half of the time I get an e-mail mentioning these theories, whether positively or negatively, the author mistakenly believes that I wrote it despite the italicized names of the real authors noted at the top of each page. So basically I keep getting either showered with praise I don't deserve or attacked for opinions that aren't even my own. Both feel considerably awkward.
  • It seems kind of stupid that my site, which contains some of my own theories about the Pokémon world and is generally pretty much in its entirety written by me, contains these other theories, parts of which I distinctly disagree with. Even if it were clear to everyone who read them that I didn't actually write the theories, having them on my site definitely does seem to imply that I approve or agree with them, which, well, I largely don't. I've been kind of uncomfortable with that from the beginning, actually, but had them up anyway because I was letting people submit fan content.
  • Following that: although I haven't personally made any plans to create a Pokémon breeding theory of my own as I just figure they do it the same way we do, Pokémon genetics and evolution are subjects that I myself have wanted to write theories about for a while. Obviously it would be kind of odd to have two completely different theories about Pokémon genetics or evolution on my site, one of which is mine and the other not. And that probably-coming-soon theory I mentioned above does slightly touch upon Pokémon breeding such that it would be rather incompatible with Dannichu's breeding theory, as well.
  • The breeding theory in particular was written in 2003 and can well be considered outdated at this point since it revolves around the three fairies, Mew, Celebi and Jirachi. We now have Manaphy and Shaymin as additions to this group, and technically it would make the most sense if they also had some role in the process following the original theory's logic. This doesn't entirely invalidate the theory, but it shakes its foundations in the same way as the fourth generation shook the foundations of my Zodiac.

But well, yet again I'm going with a site poll to see what people think. Go vote about the fate of the fan theories. And Apocalypse Raichu and Polursine, you can of course contact me with any input on the matter. I'll contact Dannichu myself.

I'm still not done getting through all the affiliation requests, unfortunately. I'll try to finish it before my Easter break is over, but on Thursday we're going to Switzerland and will be there until Tuesday.

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