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03/16/11: No Zodiac

So I finished the B/W Zodiac! Except then I realize as I'm trying to update with it that to actually compile any changes to something like the Zodiac, I need an ancient version of Visual Studio, which I don't have anymore after that hard drive failure on my desktop computer. In my attempt to update it anyway, I broke everything, hence why the site has been down all day. Score.

I'm working on hacking something together so that things start mostly working again, but currently the Zodiac doesn't work at all, fourth- or fifth-generation, and neither does the hit counter (hence the lazy hard-coded "4000000" I put there as a placeholder). Meanwhile, if you want to see your Pokémon in the new fifth-generation Zodiac, look here.

UPDATE EDIT: Got the hit counter's display part working again. Let's see if I can make it increment on the front page.

UPDATE EDIT (2): Okay, that's working.

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Commenting on: 03-16-11

Well, I had Electabuzz before, and now I have Lanturn. But in the Gen III Zodiac, I would have Poliwhirl (which was in the Reign of Kyogre as well). So it's the combination of the previous types and even the primary abilities (Volt Absorb is an absorption ability like Water Absorb and it's exclusive to the Electric type like Static).

[17/03/2011 10:53:45]

Website: Cinccino's Nook
Commenting on: 03-16-11

I had Porygon2 before, but now I have Darkrai Day! Day of Darkrai in Reign of Darkrai. I liked Porygon2 better.

[17/03/2011 04:30:33]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 03-16-11

Oh, whoops. Fixed! Thanks.

[17/03/2011 01:23:42]

Commenting on: 03-16-11

Did you notice that the splash page isn't working? If you already did and I didn't see so, my bad.

[17/03/2011 01:09:14]

Commenting on: 03-16-11

The splash seems broken.

[17/03/2011 01:08:27]

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