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03/11/08: :o

Gasp! I am actually going through my starred e-mail and responding to all those award and affiliation requests (two new affiliates so far) and putting up all that in-game humour and a few Babelfishions (and one fake cheat, too, actually). I didn't really intend to update until I was done with the whole thing, but I still have 40-something e-mails left and I just feel like uploading what I already have.

Aside from that, I've revamped the affiliation rules and removed the section with the awards The Cave of Dragonflies has won, mostly because it was more or less the epitome of pointless - I don't apply for any awards anymore, and most of the rest was just what random people had whipped up in Paint and then decided to e-mail to me. So sorry, if you sent me awards they're never going up.

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