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03/11/07: BabelFish!

The three weeks of no updates combined with some kicking by somebody who had sent in fan-sent content got me to get off my lazy butt and start working on the site - or rather, to finally start going through my astronomical numbers of unread e-mail, starting with the oldest (which were from November - ouch). I found a BabelFished submission e-mail, which admittedly was not put up because it was non-Pokémon, but that made me go and BabelFish some more stuff, which eventually made me revamp the entire section, removing some that weren't all that amusing (sorry!) and the two fanfics that had been BabelFished without having the most interesting quotes extracted from them (as no one can really be bothered to read an entire fanfic of completely incoherent BabelFish translation). I also added comments to some that needed them and generally improved the section. Now, as it happens, this took just about all day, so that's all I really did for the site.

However, I did also put up one fanfic that was submitted in November, and by all means do check out those new BabelFishions, because they truly are among the better ones. Ever wanted to know what would happen to the "I like shorts!" Youngster if the BabelFish got to him? Or to perfectly innocent attack names?

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