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03/06/08: More numbers

I made some tweaks and improvements to the Number Game after getting a very helpful e-mail with suggestions and tweaking some stuff on my own:

  • The "Next" and "Random" selection is now in the form of radio buttons, with only one actual button.
  • The "Show Pokémon" button has been removed and instead pressing the "Guess" button when there is nothing in the textbox yields the same result.
  • Changing the "Next" or "Random" selection now resets your score just like changing the range does.
  • The first number you get in "Next" mode after switching to it or changing the range is now always the first number in that range.
  • The Nidorans are now in as "Nidoran male" and "Nidoran female", which I think is more natural to type.
  • The page now actually explains the carefully-elaborated method by which you can play it quickly and straightforwardly using only the keyboard that I for some reason forgot to put on the page yesterday despite having specifically added a couple of auto-focusing lines to the script in order to make it possible.
  • The game is now case insensitive. I got a very amusing hatemail demanding this be done coupled with some death threats and had half a heart to specifically keep it case sensitive to spite him, but I figured that some people have argued fiercely that there is no reason to capitalize Pokémon names and I might as well avoid having anybody start complaining. Besides, of course, those few ambiguities we have: "Ho-Oh" or "Ho-oh"?

So I now think I know the numbers of all the Pokémon up to 301. Yay.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this yesterday: with the addition of the Number Game, there are now 100 sections on The Cave of Dragonflies. "Sections" here refers, basically, to sections that can appear as the Featured Section, or in other words to all non-portal pages of this site currently linked to from the menu (this is counting, by the way, the submenus that don't work in Internet Explorer). There haven't been that many in a while. Blame my tendency to take half of the sections down in a fit of deciding they're horrible and must be rewritten.

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245 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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Commenting on: 03-06-08

grrr. you removed the show button. the pokemon was Ivysaur non-shiny.

[08/09/2008 00:46:47]

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