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03/05/09: More Sections that Suck

I added one more class of Sections that Suck. This time my victims are annoying Do Not Click Heres, as if I hadn't ranted enough about those in the Website Tips section. Actually, I edited that section to remove a couple of items and instead just point to Sections that Suck, since I felt I was repeating myself a lot.

In relation to that, I took down Art Thieves, Click Here. I really, really should have done that long ago. Making Sections that Suck is having the most wonderful effects of rationalizing away the nostalgia that tends to make me keep things up long after I've realized they no longer have any place on this site. I still love the Marquee of Doom, though. And that made me go and edit that to be more up-to-date with my current writing style, too, although the content has not been changed much; it did lengthen the marquee by about five minutes in all, however. (Note that you might have to refresh the page before it will reload the actual text of the marquee.)

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Commenting on: 03-05-09

Why did "Art Thieves, Click Here" have to be taken down? It was fun. spammifier rapidash

[22/03/2009 04:29:16]

Commenting on: 03-05-09

Aww… I'll miss you, Art Thieves… Maybe it's for the best. But keep the Marquee. That's just awesome.

[15/03/2009 04:25:56]

Website: Scyther's Meado
Commenting on: 03-05-09

Darn, you know, I really liked that. But, it is your website, and what you think is best.

[13/03/2009 00:45:13]

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