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03/05/08: Learn the National Dex!

This is random like I-don't-know-what, but on spur-of-the-moment inspiration I created The Number Game. It's basically a game that gives you a National Pokédex number and you guess which Pokémon it is, and it is very much designed to help those who want to be able to say all of the Pokémon names in order off the top of their heads achieve their goal. In two rounds of testing it I have now officially taught myself the numbers of all the Johto Pokémon in addition to all the Kanto ones I knew before. So yes, it's very effective if you actually feel like trying it.

The scoring could probably be improved somewhat. If you come up with a system that would make more sense and be more likely to give the user exactly what he or she would want, by all means contact me.

Also, I was thinking about adding a mode to the game where you're shown a Pokémon sprite and are supposed to type its name correctly (aimed to improve the fandom's spelling of Pokémon names), but I'm not sure if anybody who doesn't spell them correctly already would actually care enough to play a game specifically to improve their spelling. Wouldn't mind opinions on that (such as in the guestbook), either.

Crossword hopefully coming soon.

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