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03/04/06: Evil... <<

Okay, I only got ONE correct crossword submission (from opaltiger, Larissa and Crystylla). Perhaps that might just signify that the crossword was hard, if it weren't for the fact that I only got two halfway coherent submissions at all. The others were filled in with "a" or something like that as the answer to all of them except maybe a few.

Now, I got extremely annoyed about this before I realized that somehow the link to the crossword disappeared from my menu. -_-() VERY evil. So yeah, I'm giving you a chance. Now the link is definitely there, and I expect you all to submit answers to the March crossword, okay? I want to at least be able to give somebody a silver and a bronze.

Anyway, I'm sorry about being late with the crossword; I was having a bunch of tests, and now the computer that controls the light switches in my house decided to mess up just when my dad went abroad and we'll have to live through the weekend with candlelight. Fun.

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