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02/28/08: Tweeeeak

In my irritation with the fact that my old What Pokémon Are You? is still being linked to all over the Internet and few people probably bothered to read the notice on the top of the page saying that there was a new one, I made it redirect to the new test by default, but make it display a notice stating you've been redirected and can still take the old test if you want with an additional link.

I also added a bit more information about inducing happiness evolutions in Diamond and Pearl to the Espeon and Umbreon guide now that I've gotten both of them myself.

UPDATE EDIT: Looked through the Wall of Shame, realized that they'd all been deleted except one which was really old anyway, and just replaced the whole thing with one new thief. I'd have had another one which was hilarious: they stole the Art Thieves, Click Here (oh, the irony), incomplete HTML guide, Marquee of Doom and Contact Me sections, among other things, and put them into Eevee's HQ's layout, as well as having PurpleKecleon's picture of Eevee from Veekun (the one in the background on the site) on its splash page, and most bizarrely of all, its forums contained elaborate post-by-post copy-pastes of a number of threads from my forums and at least one of my LiveJournal entries. Unfortunately, however, it seems to have been deleted already. Ah, well. Maybe it was the person's idea of an extremely weird joke, but it was all surprisingly elaborate for that, since the person had gone through all the copy-pasted content and replaced specific references to me, Icelandic or The Cave of Dragonflies to other references. Either way it was very amusing. Too bad you couldn't see it.

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