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02/27/06: If anybody has been murdered with an axe, tell me.

Axe-Murderer style now works fully (aside from the sister site button showing by default) in Internet Explorer thanks to an ever-so-slightly modified Suckerfish Dropdowns script served to it through a conditional comment. So be all happy and stuff if you use IE. The menu is now centered on the page, too, in all browsers.

Also, I'm working on a new style slightly inspired by Axe-Murderer. I bet you won't find out what style ID you need to add to the URL to get it... ;) Oh, and by the way, I might soon start putting up more free scripts, with the addition of including PHP versions (since Larissa has been making me read up on PHP and then spend painful hours converting my own ASP.NET scripts to a programming language my server didn't even support until today - which, incidentally, is because the forums are moving to vBulletin in very near future).

That's all for now, though. Been playing XD too much. YAY, LIP MOVEMENTS! For some reason that bugged the hell out of me in Colosseum.

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