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02/26/10: Cookies!

I've slightly modified the style cookie system - namely, the cookie domain is now ".dragonflycave.com", which should mean that once the forums.dragonflycave.com subdomain gets working, the forums will be able to detect your main site style again. Unfortunately, at least for me, this meant my Firefox didn't actually change my style cookie when I switched styles, but instead created a new one (which was then ignored in favor of the old one when it came to actually detecting which style I'd chosen). Fortunately, this has a simple solution, namely just deleting the old cookie; if you're having problems with this, you can do so by clicking here, and afterwards you should be able to select a style again without problems. I recommend you do this now so that you won't encounter the problem later when you've forgotten about it and send me an angry error report.

UPDATE EDIT (02/28/10): The subdomain is now working. Everybody use it to access the forums now!

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Commenting on: 02-26-10

If you click the "here" link twice in a row, you get a Server Error =)

[01/03/2010 04:11:09]

Website: Flygon Hollow
Commenting on: 02-26-10

I see you're approaching 3 million hits, congratulations.

[28/02/2010 18:42:21]

Commenting on: 02-26-10

Wow, I refreshed the page and the "forum is now working" update showed up. That freaked me out for a second there. :P

[28/02/2010 18:30:04]

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