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02/26/04: So, new layout, isn't it?

Isn't this amazing? You come here and the latest update states that I made a new layout, then you come the next day and the latest update ALSO states that I made a new layout? Well, as you probably already noticed, I remade the layouts with these neat banners with that cool font, and spent a lot of time on that. Currently, Charizard is the mascot of all the styles, but the plan is:

  • Cave style: Shiny Charizard or Misdreavus
  • Green style: Scyther
  • Dark blue style: I'm not sure, to be honest
  • Red style: Normal Charizard (if Cave style is Misdreavus) or Arcanine
  • Snow style: Articuno
  • Mewtwo Strikes Back style: Mewtwo (duh!)

I'm still working on that Power of One style, I can't figure out how I can make it white, black, red, yellow and blue without hurting the viewer's eyes. Anyway, as you can see, there are three new updates below this one. Just read all of them for all the stuff that's up...

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