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02/24/11: Captures in R/B/Y

I have put up a long, mathy analysis of the R/B/Y capture algorithm, which works completely differently from the newer games and packs a number of surprises, such as Great Balls being better than Ultra Balls against non-statused Pokémon especially with high catch rates. The Cave of Dragonflies: telling you all you believed in your childhood was a lie fifteen years too late since 2002.

Seriously, though, it's awesome. If you can't stomach the math, just read the plain English summary. Then read the math anyway because it's awesome. Oh, and there's a catch rate calculator that tells you how many times the ball is going to wobble.

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I love the nitty-gritty math of the Pokémon games ^_^

[02/03/2011 17:22:49]

Website: Poliwager
Commenting on: 02-24-11

I still play RBY! Love the page. :D

[25/02/2011 23:48:06]

Commenting on: 02-24-11

This looks really, really, awesome.

*goes off to ponder its deeper meaning*

[24/02/2011 22:11:57]

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