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02/24/08: Fixes

Well. I have a bunch of homework for tomorrow, and my brain chooses tonight to be in the un-homeworkiest mood in the world. So I've been sitting here for the past, uh, four hours or so doing just about everything other than reading about World War I or doing German grammar exercises. This has included randomly reading over a few sections of this site and fixing lots of little mistakes and odd wordings, clarifying, etc. The most interesting did was add a question to the FAQ (actually, I added a couple of questions the other day without updating about it, too) and split off a few questions from the Cave of Dragonflies section, including the new one, and make them into a special section called Mistaken Error Reports, which should make it easier for error reporters to see if they're making a common mistake since they'll only have to look at a few questions.

Also, in my random fit of Monty Python-obsession, we have a new Almighty Random Poll that lives up to its name.

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