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02/22/16: Some Picker and News

I've just added a small sanity check to the Favorite Pokémon Picker that will detect and fix the results of a particular glitch that's cropped up for some users, where eventually you'd just get stuck as it stops showing you Pokémon. If your picker was stuck in that state before, then it should now magically fix itself when you visit the page again. I thought I'd fixed this glitch a while ago, but just got a new report about it a couple of days ago; however, it's possible that the glitch actually happened for that person before I fixed it and merely didn't manifest in an obvious way until now, so it could be that it really is fixed. Either way, even if you have an old picker state affected by the glitch, it should now silently correct itself next time you use the picker, and if anyone does bump into it after this point (please tell me if so, since that'd definitively mean the glitch is still around!), then they can fix it with a refresh instead of having to reset.

I should probably note that the site may be a little quiet for a bit, because I've been spending almost all my TCoD time for a couple of weeks now working on porting the site over to Python, and I'll probably be doing that for a while (more on my Tumblr). Unlike your traditional Pokémon website "hiatus" that spells death, I am actually working on this, have every intention of getting it done as quickly as humanly possible, and obviously the current version of the site will remain up for however long it takes (and if there's something like this Favorite Pokémon Picker thing that calls for a swift update, I'll still be doing that over here). This has been a long time coming - the current framework for the site is an unholy, unsustainable mess that's caused nothing but trouble and has been holding me back from doing a lot of cool things, and it really had to happen sooner or later. Don't worry: I am extremely passionate about backwards-compatibility and will be going to great lengths to ensure that all public links continue to work like before and basically nothing changes on your end, aside from some old bugs being fixed and some streamlining (the poll results page will actually be part of the layout, for instance, because I can do that now).

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Commenting on: 02-22-16

Thanks, I'm happy to hear that! The pages I was worried about the most were the old AAP ones, since those are probably the ones I read the most back then. I like re-reading them, mainly for the incredible amount of nostalgia they give me. :3

[28/02/2016 15:26:46]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-22-16

Yes, all links should still work, even old links - although if I find something particularly embarrassing I may edit the content (like, Art Thieves, Click Here was a terrible idea and for the port I've replaced it with a brief page explaining its history and what it was on about, with no alerts). When I qualified it as maintaining all public links, what I meant was that various standalone scripts and scrapped pages that have never been an official part of the site or linked anywhere on it will be removed - the only way anyone besides me would have known they were even there is if they typed in random URLs.

[27/02/2016 21:21:22]

Commenting on: 02-22-16

My OCD wants me to ask you this to make sure. Will the other old versions of the site, like the pages on the ones linked in Site History still work? Going back and reading old articles that were on the site when I was a kid but aren't now is important to me.

Thanks for making my all time favorite Pokémon site! :3

[27/02/2016 01:12:13]

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