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02/22/10: Validity

After some prompting (read: flood of error reports) by sreservoir, I went and ran the entire site through the W3C markup validator to weed out the numerous typos and other errors that have been left in them over the years. Most of the affected pages just had something minor, but others had pretty bad mistakes, so it's good to have them fixed. Right now I believe the only invalid pages remaining should be Sections that Suck (thanks to containing a portion demonstrating poor HTML) and a couple of pages with embedded Javascripts that I was too lazy to move to an external file for the moment. And a couple get a warning about character encoding stuff, which I should also probably fix sometime but I have other stuff I need to do.

EDIT: Oh, and the new forum server is up and running. Big thanks to Kat of Eevee's HQ. Hopefully there will be no more database errors and blank pages and other server wonkiness.

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