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02/21/18: Update Tweaks

As I was talking about last time, updates are now shown on the update comment pages as well, as you can see if you click the "View comments" link on this post. This involved some nice restructuring of how updates work on the server side that also means I do significantly less manual work when updating while still getting exactly the same result, which is definitely a plus!

I also upgraded some libraries, so if something just broke, that might be why. I will probably get an automatic e-mail about it and fix it shortly.

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Commenting on: 02-21-18

I'm not replacing them altogether - I personally would probably find animations distracting while trying to use the picker, and I know people who get headaches looking at animations - but I could add it as an option… if I actually had a full set of animations, that is.

To my knowledge, properly ripping these from the game still isn't possible; the ones floating around the internet are "ripped" manually and one at a time using capture cards, and I've yet to find a full set including all forms, gender differences, etc. plus shinies of all of them. If you know of an actual full set somewhere, by all means send it my way, but I really don't like the inconsistency of having animations for some Pokémon but not all, so until that happens I'm probably not doing it.

[28/02/2018 12:48:55]

Commenting on: 02-21-18

Hi! I have commented before suggesting implementing a Type / Generation filter on the Favorite Pokémon Picker, and I'm glad you added it! It works perfectly.

I was wondering if you could maybe replace the sprites on the picker with animated sprites of the Pokémon's idle animation?

[26/02/2018 12:59:54]

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