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02/20/20: Dark mode

The Favorite Pokémon Picker now has a "Dark mode" (click the link in the top right corner) for users who prefer to work on dark backgrounds. Unfortunately, the Home icons don't look amazing on dark backgrounds; I may see if I can get better results by resizing the larger Home images myself later. But for now, it's at least functional!

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Commenting on: 02-20-20

Thanks for the report! Should be fixed now.

[21/03/2020 21:20:02]

Commenting on: 02-20-20

Hey! When using the picker, crowned-zamazenta, crowned-zacian, and necrozma-dusk-mane do not show up as steel types, and necrozma-dawn-wings does not show up as a ghost type!

[21/03/2020 11:55:25]

Sean Garland
Commenting on: 02-20-20

I feel mega evolutions and gigantamax forms could be their own sub category. Alolan and Galorian forms as different Pokemon.

[03/03/2020 22:54:03]

Commenting on: 02-20-20

first step is dark mode.. next step.. sicko mode *fortnite dances*

[26/02/2020 06:25:22]

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