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02/18/07: Yay, birthday! :3

Aaaand it's my birthday today. Or well, was. Over here it's technically the nineteenth already. I got Mystery Dungeon Blue. :D So there might be some Mystery Dungeon content sooner or later. Colosseum taught me not to promise sections too soon, so I won't.

To reflect the fact I'm now seventeen, I updated the About Me section (and tweaked some more of it), but the main update today is the Pokémon Sprites section, which has Pokémon game sprites for download. This may sound like a dull feature that everybody has already, but the catch here is that this time you can pick the naming scheme you prefer - if you're looking for R/S sprites numbered by National Pokédex, you can get them there, or if you want FR/LG sprites named with just the Pokémon's name, they're there too. I think this is handier than it seems at first glance.

...Yeah, I spent my birthday sitting here running the Pokémon List Generator about a hundred times to create batch files to run on the Command Prompt to name Pokémon sprites. I need help.

Oh, yeah, I know I need to make a new crossword.

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