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02/18/05: Whee...

It's finally happening. The fourth generation is being revealed. We have Munchlax and we have the silhouette of Rukario. Then we have Meowth346's names, which might or might not be real. I remember when the R/S Pokémon were being revealed... it seems so long ago, but it's still only been two years and a few months since... it's funny to think about the fact that then I was a twelve-year-old with a brand-new n00bish website with eye-hurting colors and BMP images on the front page. I've matured a lot since then, and speaking of maturing, it's my birthday. Well, it was an hour ago. Technically it's almost one in the morning on the 19th, but it's still my birthday for those of you who live in America, and since you're the majority of my visitors, I'll put the date accordingly.

Either way, I've put up a section called Fun Facts which contains some interesting Pokémon facts. And believe me, some really are interesting.

On another note... *snickers* I just love these polls.

UPDATE EDIT: Added a new question to the FAQ...

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