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02/17/10: Type Quiz Updated

I randomly went and looked at the type quiz again, decided it was all awful, and rewrote the descriptions of all the types (plus putting fourth-generation sprites on the description pages instead of the third-generation ones). The actual quiz remains the same, however, so you're still the same type you used to be; the description has just become a lot more sensible and (hopefully) accurate.

Why, yes, it's twenty minutes past three in the morning on my twentieth birthday and I'm messing around with my Pokémon website. Why do you ask?

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Happy birthday Butterfree!

[21/02/2010 19:43:46]

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Happy Birthday!

[20/02/2010 05:56:52]

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Well, it shows dedication, all right. And hope it's not too late (3 days haha) to wish you a Happy Birthday!

[20/02/2010 02:22:10]

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Have a nice birthday.

What presents have you got?

[18/02/2010 15:07:56]

Website: Gira-Nym
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[18/02/2010 12:51:19]

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Happy birthday!

[18/02/2010 12:15:42]

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