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02/11/12: The Little Things

I've been fixing some errors, tweaking the reviewing guide, and now adding a bit of Javascript to the FR/LG walkthrough to make it only show one location at a time instead of it being one obscenely long page showing the entire walkthrough (which was long enough to trigger a Firefox bug in Voice of the Forest style). I resisted the urge to rewrite the text of the walkthrough while I was at it, given that 1) it's humongous, 2) very few people are looking for FR/LG walkthroughs these days and 3) I have homework I really need to do damn it, but knowing me I'll probably end up doing that, seeing as it's from my ellipsis-overuse phase.

UPDATE EDIT: Because I am apparently allergic to actually doing my homework when I intend to and have been getting way too many people complaining about it recently, I made the featured section work again in its full randomized glory.

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Commenting on: 02-11-12

Hooray randomness. :D

(argh freaking forums server has been broken all day I'm going to kill it argh)

[07/03/2012 01:22:16]

Commenting on: 02-11-12


[27/02/2012 17:29:07]

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Commenting on: 02-11-12

You… have no idea how grateful I am for you making the featured section random again.

I was not sure what to do here, so I couldn't just pick a section.

Now, I can randomize again. It will pick a page for me.

And I get to see the Tancat picture as a bonus.

Thank you.

You deserve to be singled out for this great act.

Also, you get the highest award, the Golden Butterfree.

[12/02/2012 04:33:20]

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