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02/10/05: Great, isn't it?

Yay. Another one of my fanfics, Mew, has been plagiarized. (Look in the old updates if you're curious about the first one.) This time, the "author" at least had the decency not to mangle my characters or plot, but on the other hand they forgot the first paragraph of the fic and have such horrible spelling that there is no way to think that they could possibly have written that. Everybody still believed it.

I'm going to sit down and weep for mankind.

UPDATE EDIT: I made a new Almighty Random Poll as well as a new Style Poll. Then, additionally, I finally changed the default style to Shiny Umbreon Style, since that was the one with the most votes in the poll.

UPDATE EDIT (2): I added a few questions to the FAQ.

UPDATE EDIT (3): Oh no. Look at this. Third plagiarist... who put "Created by Mechaflame" below the title. *twitch* Apparently, my fic was both created by a ten-year-old named Kristin and Mechaflame, who somehow wrote ten chapters in one day but then (hopefully) realized the error of his ways before he got around to mangling the first good chapter (since he stole the UMR).

I'm really going to cry now.

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