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02/09/08: What Pokémon are YOU?

Well. The reason I haven't been updating is that I've been working furiously on a new What Pokémon Are You? quiz. The old one had 18 different Pokémon you could be, which was the highest number I'd ever seen in a Pokémon personality test and one of the highest I'd seen in any non-clinical personality tests in general; this one doubles it to 36. Most of the Pokémon that you could get on the old test make a return here (all except Ditto, Electrike and Zangoose, I believe); however, you should not expect to get the same one if you take the new test, because in addition to the questions and answers being different and the calculation of your Pokémon being rethought from scratch, most of the actual personalities associated with each Pokémon have changed too, to varying extents.

Now, this is still in a kind of testing phase. Unlike the old test, the likelihood of each possible result varies dramatically, and I don't want everybody to be getting the same Pokémon, so for now, all the results that anyone gets are being logged into a file that I can view. I'd like to request that you all take the test - first honestly, and then maybe a couple of times using the "Randomize Choices" button at the bottom of the page. Things almost definitely will be tweaked from this; the question is just how, and it's you who can help me figure that out. If you have specific feedback to give, I'd of course appreciate if you contacted me.

The old quiz is being kept on the menu for now while the new test is being finalized.

And no crossword yet, sorry. Which is a shame, because this is entirely my fault; the January crossword had the largest number of 100% correct solutions ever in the history of the crossword.

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014 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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