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02/08/06: It is done

Forgive me for that update title; I couldn't resist.

Anyway, now the whole going-through-site-and-revising-everything thing is finally finished. Now I can get around to getting the sections that were down for revision back up, in accordance with the poll results. Oh, yeah, and I was going to improve the polls so that the vote count in multiple-vote polls will count how many people have voted, not how many options have been voted for...

*starts working on doing that*

*also starts doing something she's been planning to do for a while - making it so that all the polls you've voted in are stored in one cookie*

*spends hours trying to figure out why the stupid thing kept setting the value of the cookie to nothing*

*realizes it was all because she made a typo and wrote = instead of ==*

*urge to kill... rising...*

Well, at least it works. --; Not that you can really tell, considering so many votes were cast in the current multiple-vote polls before and it was impossible for me to count now which were from the same person. But yeah.

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