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02/05/05: o.O OMGWTFBBQinessofdoom!!!!11one!eleven

Kairashania won first place in Uni in the Beauty Contest! W00tness!

But guys... I'm just hoping that anybody who might have voted for me voted because they thought I deserved it, not because you like my website... I frankly don't want to sit here with a trophy thanks to people who voted only because this is my site. Look at the entry in second place... it's a fellow guild member with awesome talent... I feel guilty. x_x

Well, either way, I got myself a DeviantART account and am currently in the process of uploading my best work there, both of Pokémon, Neopets and other things. I'll appreciate all comments and criticism on my art. :D

Well, now I need to stop thinking only about Neopets... I admittedly entered my Peophin for this week too as I said in the last update, but I'm not entering for next week, I promise. I've also been struggling on with the next chapter of The Quest for the Legends between advertising. As earlier, don't vote unless you're sure it's definitely the best.

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