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02/04/09: Ugh.

Uncrosswordiest mood in the world.


I'll try to finish it in the weekend or something? In the meantime, I'm writing.

UPDATE EDIT: Okay, so I figured I had to do something since I'd promised and all, so I replaced both the Almighty Random Poll and the Site Poll (it was about time). While the Almighty Random Poll is just the first thing I could think of, the Site Poll is actually useful, so go vote in it.

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Website: EP
Commenting on: 02-04-09

How interesting….

The sections that suck are really cool, and good advice.

I'm guessing the design modification's first poke' would be Bellossom.

[19/02/2009 02:49:21]

Commenting on: 02-04-09

Sections That Suck FTW!

And I wanna learn Japanese.

And the design modifications sound great.

And the fandom guide sounds great too.



[10/02/2009 16:41:50]

Commenting on: 02-04-09

Yay for new polls! PLEASE try to get the crossword done soon, I did the last one and the clue game, and now I'm bored without rediculously evil questions.

[09/02/2009 22:23:16]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-04-09

It's not so much about learning Japanese as it is about learning some basic principles that commonly confuse Pokémon fans. The inspiration comes from the number of times people have asked me why some sites claim Latias's Japanese name is "Latias" and others claim it's "Ratiasu".

[06/02/2009 11:52:23]

Zeta Reticuli
Commenting on: 02-04-09

Oh, wow! These "potential sections" all sound great! Well, maybe except for the one about learning Japanese, but still.

[06/02/2009 05:55:23]

Website: Igloos and Dumbbells
Commenting on: 02-04-09

Heh, I love how there's always a "You suck" option.

[05/02/2009 00:06:51]

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