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02/04/07: Stuffiness?

Okay, I've taken the writing guide temporarily down for revision. I actually meant to do it before my previous update, but I forgot, resulting in the rather awkward look of it until now.

The only thing that is actually new now, unfortunately, is a theory of Pokémon evolution by Polursine. Otherwise I've just been working on other stuff - I've figured out how to implement the fourth generation into the zodiac, for one thing, and hope to be able to put it up on April 22nd, the day D/P come out in America; as stated earlier I am rewriting the writing guide; and I am finally, finally picking up the HTML guide again after having webmaster's block on it for most of... *looks in old updates* ...a year and a half? Geeze. o.O Well, at least it's returning. Rejoice.

...okay, now I suddenly decided as I was adding Pokémon Acanthite to my affiliates that it was horribly annoying to have to put every single affiliate I get in both there and in the affiliates list section, so I rewrote the affiliate lists both there and on the menu into a server-side list that stores all the affiliate information and is then written out with a loop in both places in the appropriate format. :D And while doing so, I removed a bunch of affiliates that hadn't updated for over half a year. Sorry, guys - if you ever update again, e-mail me.

Which reminds me that I still have 137 unopened e-mails, most of them either affiliation requests, site rating requests or ancient reported posts from the Serebii.net forums. Fun.

Anyway, I updated the secret page as well.

UPDATE EDIT: Okay, I modified the Site History page some.

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