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01/31/15: Forms Mode

I've added an oft-requested feature to the Favorite Pokémon Picker, "Forms mode". In forms mode, all aesthetically distinct Pokémon forms - that is, all variations with separate sprites in the OR/AS Pokédex - will be considered separate entities. Note that this includes for example gender differences - if you're seeing Scyther and are sure you just saw Scyther a couple of batches ago, it's because male Scyther (short abdomen) and female Scyther (long abdomen) are both in the running.

This does not affect your current picker state; forms mode is optional and off by default, and although I've changed slightly how some data is stored to accommodate forms mode, the change should be fully backwards-compatible.

What is more problematic is that I also added Hoopa, since it was officially released the other day (I've also added it to the Zodiac, although it's still missing Global Link artwork, and other relevant pages I could recall), which means everyone's existing picker state is now missing a Pokémon. To resolve this, I decided to have a confirm box pop up when your state is loaded and it detects that some Pokémon are missing, allowing you to either simply add the Pokémon to your not-yet-eliminated list or reset your state completely (in practice, you only want the latter if you actually like Hoopa more than some of the Pokémon under your Found Favorites). So don't be alarmed if that happens. Presumably something similar will happen when the final Gen VI Pokémon and Gen VII are officially released.

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Konrad Borowski
Commenting on: 01-31-15

Well, for me "released" means that players can use it, unlike "announced" or "revealed".

[05/02/2015 18:04:57]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-31-15

TKuja: Pokémon you pick don't go on your favorites list immediately. Picking some Pokémon means you're eliminating the rest (for now), and when you've eliminated every Pokémon but one, that's when the remaining Pokémon is put on your favorites list (because it has to be your number one favorite). You can continue to find your second, third, etc. favorites by the same process, and they'll get put onto the list then, in the correct order.

I was looking at some referrals the other day and saw other people confused in a similar way, though, so I'm changing the description to make it more obvious that that's how it works.

Konrad Borowski: Hoopa was officially revealed on pokemon.com on January 13th. I just didn't update the site between then and this update.

[04/02/2015 17:06:13]

Konrad Borowski
Commenting on: 01-31-15

Wait, Hoopa is now released? I thought it was revealed a while ago.

[03/02/2015 18:19:58]

Commenting on: 01-31-15

Clicking a pokemon and then pressing pick doesn't put them on tthe favourites list

i'm not sure if i'm doing it wrong

[03/02/2015 14:29:21]

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