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01/28/09: Fixes

It was pointed out to me that the guestbook was failing to show when a post was an update comment; it was a minor, silly failure to recognize the year 2009 as valid that I fixed. Then I got a couple of other error reports about the Fun Facts, which made me add an option to the type tool to find all type combinations with a certain number of weaknesses/resistances/etc. to set the record straight with the number of types with one weakness. (I used a version of the type tool script to find combos with one weakness before, but then had managed to overlook the possibility of double weaknesses, resulting in a few missing combos that obviously should have been there.)

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El Garbanzo
Commenting on: 01-28-09

The In-Game Humor page has a small mistake…

Near the end of the G/S/C section, it says that Missingno's type is Bird/Water… but it's actually Bird/Normal.

It does learn Water Gun (twice!), but it isn't an actual Water-type.

[30/01/2009 22:40:46]

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