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01/28/04: 100,000 hits! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Look, I'm POSITIVE there's a lot of stuff I updated. But I just forgot about all of it except that there's an update in the Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section. Of course, as the title of the update says, the main reason I'm updating right now and not some other time is that the site just reached 100,000 hits (or well, "just"... I originally was going to post this update just after it happened, but now it's been a while since). Fear me. Mwahahahahahaha. Now, out of these 100,000 hits during those somewhere around 14 months since I got a hit counter, a few of them have been, according to SiteMeter, kind of weird (no offense if any of these is your own visit, this is just for fun). For example, one of my visits comes from some guy searching for "Japanese hate sites". Also, I've had one visit from somebody searching for a "REAL cheat to get Mewthree on Silver", a few people searching for "do not click here" (funny, I didn't think people actually searched for evil things like them), some searching for Animal cruelty, some REALLY weird person searching for "I hate websites", a few Pokémon haters searching for "anti-Pokémon" or "Pokémon haters" and quite a lot of veeery suspicious hits coming from a "blockedReferrer". Hmmm... "blockedReferrer"... what could that mean? Who's linking to my site from something that could be "blocked" by Site Meter? It's not the same as "unknown", it's "blocked"... highly suspicious. Anyway, first person who discover what pages I updated other than the Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section gets a prize. No, really. A real prize. Just tell me in the guestbook...

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