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01/27/09: So.

Okay, I've been editing various pages since I last bothered to write an update about it. Just to list the more notable ones (i.e. not just fixing reported errors) briefly:

  • Fancy a Challenge? - added stuff and basically revised most of the page.
  • Status Effects - added a special section at the top for things that affect all major status effects, and added some things I missed. Actually, I may have done some of this earlier. I can't remember. But I did edit something on that page, because the last modified date is the eleventh.
  • In-Game Humour - been adding various submissions.
  • Website Tips - added a few.
  • Affiliate with TCoD - realized that I really needed to emphasize more that 90% of all my denied affiliation requests are denied because they don't have enough noteworthy content.
  • Fun Facts - realized that I had somehow forgotten Water/Ground in listing type combinations with only one weakness.

Then we have the Babelfished page. It's had a few things added to it (including one about Omanyte swimming in ancient heroin), but primarily, I officially cut off submissions to it entirely. Now, technically I did that a while ago, but thanks to the wording in that section in particular, it really didn't lessen the stream of submissions by much, and I've realized that that page is just way too long already - I really doubt a lot of people bother to read all of them anymore, since the humour of something like that tends to wear off fairly quickly. Sorry.

Now. I realize that I haven't made a proper update in nearly a month. If you're dying to know why, it's because my creative juices have been very dry this January, coupled with several obsessions (in just this month I've watched the entirety of Boston Legal, amounting to over seventy hours) and the pheromone Shadey seems to give off that makes me unable to leave his presence once I am in it and babbling incoherently about the fluffiness of his hair. (Predictably, I'm going to his place again later, in the vain hope that I will not latch on to him again after school tomorrow and start marathoning some other insanely long TV series.)

However, at the risk of going all sentimental, I would like to emphasize that I am and will be extremely devoted to this website. Even when I'm not updating directly, I'm always reading error reports, trudging through affiliation and site rating requests (there are three in the queue right now), watching the guestbook, and complaining to Shadey about my inability to work on it at his house. I am not a webmaster who just disappears, even if I don't seem to post anything on the front page.

I'm going to try to make a crossword for February. Think I can make it?

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Website: The Forest Manor
Commenting on: 01-27-09

Yay, I hope TFM's one of the site's in the queue. x3

[02/02/2009 03:50:40]

Website: Igloos and Dumbbells
Commenting on: 01-27-09

Yay! There's going to be a new crossword! *is excited*

[29/01/2009 04:56:03]

Commenting on: 01-27-09

I pop in, an update. I pop out. I pop back in again, whee, another update. So will this fix the guestbook for all years, or will you have to point out 20** is a valid year each time we have a new year?

[29/01/2009 00:44:59]

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