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01/25/17: Minor picker stuff

Yet more Favorite Pokémon Picker: Ash-Greninja is now included in forms mode; I've fixed an, ahem, bug where Bug-type Arceus was incorrectly considered a "major" form, which it obviously shouldn't have been; and East Shellos and Gastrodon used to show the West form's sprites ever since the Gen VII update, which has now been fixed. If you're playing in "Major only" forms mode, the picker should automatically remove Bug Arceus from wherever it might appear in your state when it loads your state, and the Ash-Greninja addition will give you the usual dialog asking to either add it as not yet eliminated or reset your state. As always, let me know if there are any further issues that I haven't noticed.

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Commenting on: 01-25-17

Stryke: ZING

Bimbo: Sure, that can be done; might add that in next time I work on the picker. Can't promise when that would be, though.

[09/02/2017 19:37:16]

Commenting on: 01-25-17

Hey! I love this tool. Could you please add an option to filter for only Pokémon of a specific type?

[04/02/2017 20:14:29]

Commenting on: 01-25-17

Everytime you do one of these minor picker updates, you should call them minor nitPICKS.

[26/01/2017 15:09:20]

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