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01/22/12: Spriting tweaks

I happened to read a bit of the spriting guide and discover that it was largely terribly written, so I went and rewrote most of the text in the recoloring, revamping and splicing sections and some of the rest. Man, I really need to get around to making that outline shading guide.

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Commenting on: 01-22-12

Must have missed it. Being a fast reader is awesome, but it's a curse sometimes.

[03/02/2012 03:48:12]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-22-12

The corresponding phrase is in the paragraph above the example - "Now we have the first version of our Aerobuzz, the way some spriters would leave it".

[02/02/2012 09:37:57]

Commenting on: 01-22-12

I discovered an error. Originally, the guide said something to the effect of "some spriters would just leave it like this", and then the phrase "But we're not just some spriters." After editing, the first phrase is edited out but the second remains.

[02/02/2012 04:18:29]

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