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01/15/06: Guestbook

I've been thinking about how I'd like to eliminate all outside features from the site so there won't be any ads at all on anything related to the site and so nothing the site offers would be dependant on outside servers. (That was for example the thought behind it when I made my own hit counter.) Therefore, I downloaded a free ASP guestbook script a few days ago. Of course, I discovered after finally managing to alter the permissions on the database that it had almost no features (it didn't even have a name field) and thus started messing with the code to add the features I wanted. As it turned out, I actually managed to add an awful lot of stuff using Visual Basic and regular expressions despite having never used either of them before. o.o But yeah, the new guestbook is here, and I'd appreciate if you reported any bugs, difficulties or simply features you think it should have.

UPDATE EDIT: Chapter 30 of The Quest for the Legends is up, whee.

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