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01/15/05: Sandslash Style

It was suggested, I liked it, and I made it. Say hello to Sandslash Style, which isn't all that bad to my opinion...

Have you noticed that this is the fifth day in a row I update?

UPDATE EDIT: I've finished the Fake Pokémon guide! At least I think so. In case you're thinking "What's the point, there's one at Mew's Hangout anyway", it's the exact opposite - that is, the one at Mew's Hangout covers mutations, so I made one for completely original fakes. It's also more detailed, hehehe. ;) Also, a certain problem with the style going back to default all the time has been fixed.

UPDATE EDIT (2): W00t, I've finished the second style in one day, Skarmory style. Go me! Admittedly I'm not exceptionally fond of it (not much for gray), I'm sure those who requested it will be happy.

UPDATE EDIT (3): o.O Ponyta style... I'm really style-obsessed now, don't you think?

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