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01/13/17: More picker updates

Since I added forms mode to the Favorite Pokémon Picker, several people have asked me for a mode where you can choose between something like a Pokémon and its mega without having to also choose between all the forms of Arceus and Unown. Your dream has now come true with the "Major only" forms mode, which includes only those forms and gender differences that I deemed significant. Unfortunately these choices are pretty arbitrary, but I think it should work well enough for most people's purposes.

I also reduced the amount of text on the page and moved the options into a tab next to Found Favorites, which I hope makes the page a bit less cluttered overall; by all means tell me your thoughts on this change.

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Commenting on: 01-13-17

All the cap Pikachu are in the picker, but only one of them (original cap) appears if you have "Major only" checked, since the different caps are not considered to be a major form difference. Make sure that box is unchecked.

[22/07/2017 03:08:58]

Commenting on: 01-13-17

I have a question about the favorite Pokemon picker
Is there the Sinnoh cap pikachu ?because I'm trying to get all the ash cap pikachu's because my favorite Pokemon is pikachu
But if there isn't then can you please add that pikachu in.

[20/07/2017 19:26:34]

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