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01/09/11: Crossword

So opaltiger was bored and made me a new crossword. Enjoy puzzling out his clues this time.

The last crossword seems to have been relatively difficult, what with having only eleven entrants get more than half of the words right despite it having been going on for more than a full year, but congratulations to opaltiger, Spikefish and RiverShock for winning first, second and third place. Unfortunately, however, I am unable to make award images (or, in fact, show the solution image; there is a clue explanation, though) because my home computer is borked at the moment; one of the hard drives seems to be dead and we're having difficulties getting it to even recognize the net card after a fresh Windows install. Thus, though the hard drive that has stuff like my Photoshop files for things like the crosswords and awards seems to be okay, I can't actually access it at the moment. We're working on it.

In any case, I decided it was getting kind of silly to keep pretending this crossword is in any sense monthly by now, so I formally renamed it to 'Irregular Crossword'.

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