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01/03/12: Affiliation queue gone!

I am now, for the first time in a long while, up-to-date on affiliation/site rating requests. As usual, some requests were ignored because they were down, hadn't been updated for three months, had announced they were closing, were no longer properly Pokémon sites, etc.; if yours was one of them and you bring it back, you will now have to send me another request. Also, for some time now I could actually respond to affiliation/site rating requests at a sensible time, so this is probably the time to make one if you're going to.

Over these past years where I've slacked off a lot with responding to affiliation requests, I've noticed a very prominent and consistent trend of the number of sites that are actually still around, active and Pokémon-themed being inversely proportional to how long it's been since they submitted the request. The turnover rate of Pokémon sites, in other words, is pretty tragically high. I can't help sometimes feeling like I should delay responding to affiliation requests on purpose just so only the ones that really mean it will be left by the time I actually consider their request - over the years I've spent far too much time typing out lengthy advice for sites only to have them die on me a few months later anyway. But that would be extremely annoying for the applicants that really do mean it and I have a feeling I'd just fall even further behind on them, so I won't.

Stop giving up so much, webmasters.

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Thanks so much for giving feedback on my site! I took it as a learning lesson, and actually already started going through pages and rewriting sections and fixing the things you pointed out to me, so thanks! Maybe someday in the future I'll send you another request. :)


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