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01/02/14: Happy late new year

Bit late with my usual new year's update since I was sick. Sorry for the lack of updates in December; I've been busy judging a contest, finishing unpacking a bunch of boxes that had been sitting around since we moved, and going to a zillion Christmas gatherings. I haven't been entirely absent, as I have been doing more of my silly fiddling with the Interactive Type Chart, but I haven't quite finished polishing it yet, and I know none of you want more type chart options so that doesn't really count. (I also updated the Ultimate Type Tool to have the sixth-generation type chart available a little while back, since it's still being offered as the non-Javascript alternative to the type chart.)

Anyway, because it wouldn't be a new year without them, my annual New Year's Thanks:

  • Shadey, for marrying me. :D I think that has to warrant top placing for once. Also who allowed you to be so cuddly anyway. This can't be legal.
  • Dannichu, elyvorg and opaltiger, for housing me around the Expo and being generally delightful people.
  • The rest of our gang of Expogoers, for helping make every trip worth it.
  • elyvorg again, for that one instance of epic nighttime discussions.
  • elyvorg's friends, for playing Mafia with us.
  • opaltiger again, for continuing to bug me about editing TQftL. Your efforts are appreciated! yes yes I'll do it honest no not the whip
  • Psychic, for all the long Skype chats.
  • Mewitti, for being even awesomer now than I thought she was when her site was inspiring me to make a website eleven years ago.
  • Negrek, for the phrase "Characters and their delicious, delicious tears."
  • Penn and Teller, for EXISTING IN REAL LIFE AND ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY THERE AND BEING ON A PHOTO WITH US and also putting up with the ridiculous number of books we had you sign, I know it was ridiculous.
  • James Randi, for approving of my hugs.
  • My dad, for lunches, the new server and letting me ramble about CSS.
  • My mom, for lengthy walks, helping with all that unpacking and watching Breaking Bad with me.
  • Game Freak, for making X and Y which are made of all of the awesome in the world how do you even.
  • Tim Minchin, for being one of my favorite Judases and generally talented and hilarious.
  • And last but not least, Vince Gilligan and the rest of the cast and crew of Breaking Bad, which is more or less my favorite thing in the world right now.

I will be getting on with that new personality test and Zodiac, honest.

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Commenting on: 01-02-14

Penn and Teller and Tim Minchin and Breaking Bad and Pokemon! Four of my favourite things in the world!

[19/01/2014 02:21:43]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-02-14

Mewitti, not Mewtitti. The latter would be an unfortunate choice of username.

Alas, while you are also made of a lot of awesome, it would have been difficult for you to be inspiring me to make a website more than eleven years ago.

[08/01/2014 04:16:38]

Website: Psychic Blaze
Commenting on: 01-02-14

I honestly read "Mewtitti" as "Mewtini".

I am disappoint.

[07/01/2014 19:20:18]

Commenting on: 01-02-14


[06/01/2014 02:34:28]

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