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01/02/07 (2): Fourth update in two days. o.o

Okay, so I started working on stuff after updating. <.< More specifically, I randomly went through the Quest for the Legends minipage changing and adding things. Those changes were:

  • Small tweaks to the Intro, About and What If... sections.
  • Updating the disclaimer in the printable versions of the chapters to say 2007 instead of 2006.
  • Adding a new FAQ item.
  • Removing another FAQ item because it was made obsolete by the addition of a Pronunciation Guide.
  • Moving the subsection "Things Worth Noticing" from the updated Revision History over to the Trivia section and then rearranging and adding some more to that Trivia section (including a link to my first ever piece of Pokémon fanfiction, the hilariously awful Molzapart and Rainteicune).

Maybe I'll actually start doing things for some other parts of the website now. Fancy that.

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