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01/01/11: Happy New Year

I just realized (with opaltiger's help) that I forgot my traditional New Year's Thanks, so since in my update-dating system it is totally still New Year's Day (by which I mean that when I woke up this morning it was New Year's Day and who cares if it's past midnight now!), I will now do that. I would like to thank the following people for having been generally awesome in 2010:

  • opaltiger! I have had boundless fun with you this year, and the next is shaping up to be even better (WE ARE GOING TO SEE ROGER WATERS' THE WALL LIVE IN LONDON IN MAY :DDDD). Thanks for the Expo, all the mafia both online and in real life, and the Christmas card, and the tickets, and have I mentioned I generally love you?
  • Dannichu! Thanks enormously for having me over for Expo weekend, playing mafia, watching Astrópía and nearly stealing my sleeping bag. It was absolutely unforgettable. <3 I look forward to seeing you again in May!
  • elyvooorg! It was awesome meeting you in person at last. Thanks for writing Lost Evolution, all the chats, the input on my fics and putting up with my constant nagging about your NaNo. I'll stop it when you start posting it. :3 (Also, I resolve to watch Doctor Who at some point this year.)
  • Espeon! You aren't as terrible as you always seem to think you are, really! I'm glad you found us at the Expo. See you in May, hopefully!
  • Cirrus! We didn't exactly talk, but meeting you was pretty great as well. Hope you come to the May Expo, too.
  • Psychic! Okay, so we didn't get to meet, but we can do that this year or next or something. Skyping with you and sharing TMI has been great!
  • Negrek! Your critiques of the first chapters of Morphic were invaluable and will be even more so now that I turn to rewriting the whole thing. Thanks for bothering. I won't be so presumptuous as to ask you to do more of it, but I would love you forever if you happened to do it anyway. Also, you are generally great and Clouded Sky is brain-breaking.
  • Shadey! Sorry you're not higher on the list, but my love for you is so blatant it doesn't really need to be said. Just in case, though: I love you, you big cuddly thing you, even when you spend way too much time playing World of Warcraft and are extraordinarily silly.
  • #truth! You may have made me stay up ungodly long while I was supposed to be studying for tests, but it was awesome, damn it.
  • Dad! You're an all-around awesome guy and I'd trust you to write a whole constitution any day. Rock on.
  • All of you who continued to buy B/W through my links! You got me White and I've loved every minute of it. Hope you loved it, too.
  • Everybody who's been reading and reviewing my fanfics, especially those who've stuck with Morphic from the beginning. You make me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.
  • Everyone who continues to visit this site as I laze around and fail to update. I hope to remain worthy of your loyalty in 2011.
  • Game Freak, for making these games that continue to inspire me and making Black and White even better than I'd dared to hope. I will remain a loyal customer for years to come. Unless you go and make the battle system real-time.
  • opaltiger again, for reminding me I needed to do this. I knew there was something I'd forgotten.

So happy 2011, everyone. Let's see if I can't go watch the thirteenth movie now in preparation for a review.

Oh, and if you didn't see it yesterday, the final chapter of Morphic is up.

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Commenting on: 01-01-11

This is… the sixth New Years update you've posted since I started visiting this site.

I almost want to write about what a big part of my life this site was in 2004, how I missed it when I didn't have the internet for half of 2005, how I used to always go on this site at school when I got the chance…

And how much of an idiot I was on the Invisionfree forums in early 2006… .-.;;;

But, meh, I'm not going to bore anyone with all that. XD; Well, I sort of did. But I mean in detail. But I will say that I was My-bayleef on the Invisionfree forums. And I've changed a LOT since then.

Anyway, uh, Happy (over a week late) New Year? :D;

[08/01/2011 10:49:30]

Website: darkjagold
Commenting on: 01-01-11

Your tone is very different than your previous posts. Anyway, belated Happy New Year~!

Note: I've been visiting your site for a few years now, but I think this is my first/second post that I made~

[05/01/2011 06:10:46]

Commenting on: 01-01-11

Happy New Year DragonFree!!

[04/01/2011 04:22:56]

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