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01/01/09: Happy new year!

So. I looked at my update from the first of January 2008, and realized that I'd promised to finish some sections in the new year. Let's look at that list again...

  • The D/P Vs. Seeker - finished in January
  • The revised writing guide - ...darn.
  • The revised HTML guide - Ha! Finished in August!
  • The revamped What Pokémon Are You? - finished in February
  • The Ultimate Type Tool - Hmm...
  • Going through all my e-mail - Done, last in November
  • The next crossword - Well, I made that next crossword...

Now, the writing guide is huge, and there was no way I could finish the whole thing before the new year. And the crossword, well, I did make that one, and the January crossword isn't supposed to go up until January anyway. But the Ultimate Type Tool was different. It was something I really wanted to make when I was originally conceiving of the idea, and I'd used the script that I was going to base it on a few times since. So, well... I made it. There were some complications with the type creation that prevented me from getting it up yesterday, but up for the new year still counts. Right?

Basically, you can find stuff regarding type weaknesses and resistances, and generate type polygons to see how I was right all along about the only possible triangles being Fire/Water/Grass, Rock/Fighting/Flying, Fire/Rock/Steel and Grass/Poison/Ground, and then you can create your own types and do exactly the same thing with them included. Have fun.

A couple of days ago I also fixed some stuff in the status effects section - I moved things that apply to all major status effects to the top for less redundancy, and added some abilities and moves that I'd missed the first time around.

But! I have not forgotten the New Year's Thanks! I would like to thank the following people for the year 2008:

  • Dannichu, who is still awesome. :D
  • Shadeeeey. <3 Never in the history of boyfriends has there been one quite as dorkily adorable as you.
  • My dad, who is still one of the most interesting and intelligent people I know.
  • opaltiger, for coming to Iceland and being generally awesome.
  • Psychic, for having been pretty great to talk to over the year. :3
  • Lunar Espeon, for being a generally nice guy.
  • elyvorg, for writing Lost Evolution, which is pretty awesome.
  • Joss Whedon, for creating Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (whyyy has my DVD not arrived? D:). And Firefly, for that matter.
  • Everybody who traded with me when I was completing my Pokédex on Diamond. :D
  • Readers of The Quest for the Legends, who are still reading it after all those years and through all those waits! You people astound me, but I love you so much. <3
  • All you regular visitors who've gotten the site over 500,000 front page hits in the year. :o
  • My parents for giving me a new monitor for Christmas. Which has not been set up yet, but hopefully that will be soon enough.

Happy 2009, everybody. Always remember, if you're worried about the economic crisis, that it is much worse in Iceland!

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@_@ Again with this? The one from Caterpie's Corner is called Shady with no e and is completely unrelated, and "Shadey" is just my nickname for my boyfriend who actually goes by "Shade" or "Aziraphail" those few times I drag him online.

[30/01/2009 11:58:45]

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Is your boyfriend the same Shadey as the one at Caterpie's Corner?

[30/01/2009 05:11:51]

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