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01/01/08: Happy 2008!

Happy new year, everyone. No update, because I've been frantically writing chapter 37 of The Quest for the Legends (which will be put up later this evening, by the way, so if you're interested you should watch the Quest Blog carefully) as well as working on that fic forum I put up and have been obsessively working on. As soon as I've finished this chapter, by the way, I'm converting the guestbook to the Quest for the Legends forum system like I did with the comment system there, which will not only make it much nicer for everyone involved, but also stop it from being as slow as it's been lately.

Okay, so I resolve to finish all of the following in 2008:

  • The D/P Vs. Seeker
  • The revised writing guide
  • The revised HTML guide
  • The revamped What Pokémon Are You? that I've been working on in the past few days
  • The Ultimate Type Tool that I was going to make and then forgot about
  • Going through all my e-mail again to respond to all those affiliation requests and put up all that in-game humour
  • The next crossword

Okay, now I have no excuse. Look forward to it.

Now for some yearly tradition: the annual Cave of Dragonflies New Year's Thanks! Looking back at 2007, I would especially like to thank the following people:

  • Dannichu, for putting up with me and still considering me a friend despite what a lousy one I've been in return. Also for the most genius birthday present I've ever gotten and being generally awesome. Dannichu, you rock.
  • opaltiger, for being a great friend to laugh with, randomly deciding to send me a book in a fit of generousness that I've sadly yet to repay, and participating in my crossword.
  • Crystylla, Furret, Larissa, Spikefish, Pelipy, elyvorg, Lunar Espeon, Raposa and Romberguy and all those other crossword regulars. You're the reason I'm feeling all guilty about not having made a November or December crossword and really want to make it up to you.
  • Shadey, the most adorable boyfriend in existence. <3 Thanks for everything we've done together in the year.
  • My dad, one of the most intelligent and interesting people I know. Your help with everything has been invaluable, and so have all the café trips and the accompanying discussions.
  • Fluffy, for going through all that trouble to get my Diamond for me.
  • Psychic, for being amusing and brightening up my day a few times. We need to talk more.
  • Everybody who reads The Quest for the Legends and has put up with all the ridiculous waits between chapters.
  • Everybody who visits this site and has put up with the decline in update frequency that I've been covering up with updates that say nothing but "Uh, hi, I haven't updated anything, bye."
  • Everyone else who deserves to be on here that I've forgotten to mention.

Happy new year again, and I hope you have a wonderful 2008.

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