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01/01/07: Happy 2007!

Happy new year, everybody! Continuing the site tradition, I will now post my New Year's Thanks. I would like to thank the following people, in no particular order:

  • Dannichu once again, for being generally awesome, brave and a truly wonderful friend. Thanks again for your Christmas present.
  • Yet again, my dad, for some programming help and stuff. :3
  • Larissa, just because she amuses me endlessly those few times she's actually on.
  • My boyfriend, who livens up my day with his otaku-completely-insane-weird-cuteness.
  • Game Freak and Genius Sonority, for listening to the fans and creating two video games I am squealing in anticipation to play.
  • Lemony Snicket, who kept me amused with The End and The Beatrice Letters, as well as the other authors whose work I've been enjoying this year, such as Eoin Colfer and Don Rosa off the top of my head.
  • Jax Malcolm, LaVerneT and other such wonderful people who could be bothered to read my fics and give their honest opinions.
  • AK, for putting me in a random Yay-let's-make-stuff-for-people mood. Always cheers me up to know that I am insane.
  • A whole lot of people, especially opaltiger and Crystylla, for doing my crossword regularly. (YOU CAN STILL SUBMIT ANSWERS FOR THE OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER ONE!)
  • The amusing people who have livened up my day throughout the year.
  • The people who have oh-so-nearly a million times visited the front page of The Cave of Dragonflies.
  • Uh, that pencil over there?

Now, don't be fooled: I DID update. The Quest for the Legends revision history has been much improved, from containing copies of the first chapters of each revision to having links to all the chapters I could dig up of that particular revision, and with some added information about each revision, three revisions that were not mentioned before, and some noteworthy stuff relating to the revisions at the bottom. Additionally, the prologue of version IALCOTN has been updated to version WTHAIRTSTA (Why The Hell Am I Rewriting This Stupid Thing Again?).

Again, happy 2007. Enjoy the new year, and I hope you enjoyed 2006 as well.

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